Walk with Sally “Bowl-a-Prom”

Apixture photo booth was part of of the 6th annual Walk with Sally “Bowl-A-Prom” held at the El Dorado Lanes, Westchester, CA.  So much fun was had raising money for this special cause. Check out the pictures in our photo gallery.  Walk With Sally is a non-profit organization that provides mentoring support programs and services to children whose parents or siblings with cancer.  Walk With Sally is committed to providing healing and comfort to children debilitated by the emotional experience of living with or losing a parent to cancer. This healing is facilitated through free of charge mentoring support programs and services that provide an emotionally safe environment for children to share their difficult experience with someone who has suffered the same.  We invite you to join the mission and Walk With Sally. For more info on mentoring/volunteer programs in Los Angeles go to www.walkwithsally.org

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