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Holiday Party Planning

//Holiday Party Planning

Holiday Party Planning

The holiday season is a great time to throw an unforgettable party. Below are some great ideas to throw a holiday party and not spend a fortune.

This is one of the most important items for the party.  This year add a photo booth to your event.  Apixture photo booth will capture all the special moments.  Your guest will have unlimited fun taking pictures and what a wonderful keepsake.

Food and Drink

Check Costco or Sam’s Club for great party platters and holiday food,  Also use friends and family to assist with food.  Check your local grocery store for specials too.

Encourage your guests to bring a dish or beverage.  You could even assign each guest a specific item on your shopping list — like cookies, appetizers, chopped veggies or drinks.

Host your party between meal times, (like 2-5 pm or 3-6 pm), or host an after-dinner cocktail party. You’ll only need to serve a few snacks.

Tighten your guest list.  While it may seem nice to invite the neighbors from two streets over even though you haven’t spoken in a year, it’s probably not worth the added expense when you’re working on a budget.

Shop on line or at big-box stores.  Amazon.com is a great place to get the best price on many holiday items.   Your local store may be more convenient, but it will cost you a lot more money for your party needs.

• Visit dollar stores. All kinds of fun decorations can be found at dollar stores. I’ve stumbled across many decorations that are almost exactly the same as the ones sold at party stores, but they sell for much, much less.•

Decorations are terrific because they can give your home an exciting holiday atmosphere. But who wants to spend a lot of money on seasonal décor that spends most of its time in storage boxes in the attic?

Homemade decorations are not only affordable, but they also add a personal touch to your party that will have your guests admiring your creativity.


These are just some of the many ideas available to having a holiday party.  Have fun and enjoy!