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Ideas for Summer Weddings

//Ideas for Summer Weddings

Ideas for Summer Weddings


Flower Ice Trays – Dive into your warm-weather celebration and quench guests’ thirst with a modern twist on a classic drink. Alchol-free Guava Spritzers (simply guava juice with sparkling water) are served on an ice-filled tray studded with flowers.

Apixture Photo Booth – Getting a photo booth not only captures all the special moments but allows your guest to have unlimited fun with friends and relatives taking pictures.  Are you ready to step into the booth?

Escort Name Badges –  Use different designs to denote the separate tables: The dove charms signal that you sit at the dove table, the dragonflies at the dragonfly table, and so on. You can make badges with some ribbon, charms, magnets, and a little hot glue.il_fullxfull.368984997_4r7j
Salad Shooters – A rainbow of mini gazpachos,  display the color range of tomatoes — green, yellow, orange, andred. They also look spectacular served in shot glasses, lined up by shade, and topped with cherry tomato-speared toothpicks.Feta-Salad-Shooters2
Fresh Fruit –  Provide a wide variety of fruit on your special day.  It runs a plenty in the summer months and nothing beats a healthy snack like fruit.  Plus you can get creative  and use some fruit as a seating card.Fruit_Cup_Lake_Elmo_Inn_Catering_thumb_650_431_84
Ice Cream – Give ice cream cones at the cocktail hour or serve late night at the sundae bar.  Your guest will thank you!
Sunglasses –  Think out the box and pass out wedding sunglasses to all of your guest so they can protect their eyes from the sunlight but also give your wedding a different flair and something your guest will remember.  You can even have you names engraved for gifts for your guestwedding_sunglasses1southboundbride-sunglasses-wedding-favors-011
Fans or umbrellas – Keep the guest cool and comfy during the outdoor wedding.  Place one on each chair or the entrance so when your guest arrive they are ready for use.